Built for Greek Life, by Greek Life.

User Management

Manage alumni, members and pledges all in one easy to use tool

Discussion Board

Communicate privately with your group using your own discussion board

Take Attendance

Easily manage attendance for events including service hours, complete with statistics

Group Permissions

Complete control over what members, alumni and pledges can see or do

Executive Users

Add custom exec positions and assign them administrative tools like user management


Upload and share your important documents with your members, privately of course

Unlimited Photos

Don't risk the public seeing your photos - we offer unlimited private photo albums

Mobile App

Greek Life Online works on all devices including your tablet and smart phone!

Events Calendar

Manage your very own private calendar with events and notifications

Effectively manage your group

Assign rights. Delegate management responsibilites to your executive council. Everything from taking attendance, uploading documents/photos and approving new users can be assigned to executive positions. Newly assigned members will inherit those responsibilities.

User hierarchy. Keep your users organized by groups. Build a list of potential pledges and graduate them to pledge - or delete them if they don't make it. Control is yours.

Group permissions. Complete control over what parts of the network certain groups have access to. Don't want pledges to have access to the photo gallery? No problem, uncheck that tool and save. Don't call pledges, pledges? That's editable too.

Executive Positions. Create an unlimited number of executive positions each with their own unique combination of available tools and responsibilities. Example: a Secretary might have access to the attendance tool and the documents tool while the President might manage members/alumni.

Centralize your group's data!

Share an unlimited amount of photos and documents. Upload your meeting's minutes and photos from your last event. Easily organize a massive amount of photos with categories and albums. Have a public website? - make a few albums public and let the world know your group knows how to throw an event!

It's easy, it's free, it's private - what more could you want?